Scrutineering is where the judging process begins. It’s required for all entrants before they hit the streets of Summernats. Our crew check your car for safety and any competition-based requirements. Unsure if your vehicle fits the Summernats? Check out the General Entrant Guide.


• REGISTERED CARS DRIVING to Summernats will be scrutineered Thoroughbred Park, Randwick Rd Mitchell on Wednesday and Thursday.

• CARS ARRIVING ON TRAILERS OR TRANSPORTERS will be in the Summernats Scrutineering Pavilion onsite on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

• ANYONE ON FRIDAY - will be scrutineered at Thoroughbred Park, Randwick Rd Mitchell


Working lights - head, tail, brake, indicators

Valid full license - must be present, current and valid. No learner’s permits

Current registration - where the numberplate matches the VIN, or purchase of event permit

Four matching wheels and wheel nuts on all studs - wheel weights must be removed for competition

Treaded tyres - no visible belts, canvass or flat spots, in serviceable condition

Functioning brakes - Functioning brakes must be fitted to all four wheels in order to drive on public roads

Seatbelts - Fitted correctly, good condition

Tail shaft loop - must be fitted for any drag racing activities that require it

Fitted exhaust - a continuous system with at least one full-sized muffler and pipes that extend to the rear axle line. Side pipes must be pointing down and back. No zoomies or open headers are permitted however exceptions are made during burnout competition only.

Complete firewalls - isolating driver from engine compartment and fuel tank/cell. Includes station wagons and vans with fuel cells in the back of the vehicle.

Fuel cells - fixed securely with correct brackets i.e. no ratchet straps or temporary fixtures

Fuel lines/fillers - must be designed for automotive use and appropriately rated for the fuel being used

Secure battery

Functioning inhibitor switch for automatics - mustn’t start in gear

Blower belt guard - for all blowers protruding from a bonnet. If a bonnet is removed a guard must be fitted

Bonnet - exception made for during burnout competition. Belt guards must be fitted to all blowers, whenever bonnet is removed for competition