The Driving Events are part of the unique character of the Summernats and an important aspect of 'fun with your car at Summernats'. Therefore, we are looking for cars with proof of performance and great entertainment value. 

Check the daily program for times for all the driving event action on the main arena both Friday night and all day Saturday.

Entrants may enter all, or none of the driving events. Those entrants hoping to win Grand Champion, the Drivers' Championship or Best Summernats Streeter must enter all three Driving Skills Events and the Heads Up Go-Whoa event.



There are three Driving Skill Events; Motorkhana, Circle Work, and Grab a Flag.



Drivers (with passenger) on the grass of the Main Arena test their skills by driving around a series of markers and returning to the start bay as quickly as possible. You may incur a penalty if you hit the markers. 



Driving in a continuous drift around the cones. From a standing start to a standing finish in a clover leaf pattern turning left to the start/finish line.



A timed two-person event requires the passenger to collect a flag from each of the six parking bays as quick as possible. Drivers, alternating in forward and reverse directions, parking as close to the flag collection point as possible, where the passenger remains in the vehicle while retrieving the flag.



Two cars at a time in a side by side go-whoa where the object is to accelerate to a standing stop in the finish area wins and progresses through to the next round. 

When the light goes green drivers are to accelerate towards the stop area and ensure they cross the finish line but stop before the red line. If they pass the red (second) line, they will be disqualified. If both cars drive over the red line then the fastest time will determine the winner as long as the car stops.



The times from all three Driving Skill Events and the Heads Up Go-Whoa will be added together and the overall fastest time will be the winner of the Driver's Championship Award. 


Note: Competitors must be a Summernats Entrant to participate. See the Summernats Participation Guide

for further details.