Even if you’re an experienced Summernats camper, read the DIY Camping information carefully.. 

Who Can Camp?

Camping can be purchased by anyone with a Season Pass – these include Entrant, Buddy, Season or Platinum Passes.
Each person camping at Summernats must have (1) a Season Pass and (2) a Camping pass.
Anyone aged 16 and under planning to camp at Summernats, MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
Click here for Entrant Camping.  

How is DIY Camping Sold?

DIY Camping is sold on a PER SITE basis.
Each site includes (1) a limited number of camping passes, and (2) the ability to purchase additional camping passes, and (3) access to power.
There are three sizes available to choose from … Small, Medium and Large.
1. SMALL SITES include 2 camping passes and 12sqm space
2. MEDIUM SITES include 4 camping passes and 24sqm space
3. LARGE SITES include 8 camping passes and 48sqm space
You can buy additional camping wristbands for your site at $78 however all your campers MUST fit within the space you have purchased. Only the person who bought the space can buy additional camping wristbands for that site.
Motorhomes and caravans are prohibited in spectator camping areas.
Toilet and shower facilities are available in various locations on the campgrounds and within Exhibition Park.

I’ve Already Bought A Season Pass and now I want DIY Camping

We’ve allowed for this. If you have already purchased a Season Pass, tickets for camping will become available to you.   

Small Campsite - $203 

12sqm (4mx3m) approx – exact site configuration may vary by 10%
Access to power
Two camping wristbands included
You can buy four additional camping wristbands 
Maximum of six people per small site

Medium Campsite - $403

24sqm (6mx4m) approx – exact site configuration may vary by 10%
Access to power
Four camping wristbands included
You can buy six additional camping wristbands 
Maximum of ten people per medium site 

Large Campsite - $803

48sqm (8mx6m) approx – exact site configuration may vary by 10%
Access to power
Eight camping wristbands included
You can buy ten additional camping wristbands 
Maximum of eighteen people per large site

Swag Camping - $103

One camping wristband 
Space as allocated
No access to power
Swag not included 

Secure Camping Parking - $53

Secure Parking is in close vicinity to the spectator campgrounds and available to DIY campers only. 
The benefits of secure parking are…
1. You can easily access your vehicle from the campgrounds
2. You can use your vehicle to come and go from the event
3. Access to secure parking available only for secure parking ticket holders 
Vehicles with camping gear are given limited access to unload/load their camping gear by the camping marshals at check in and then must park in the designated Parking Areas.  

Vehicles on Campsites

We strongly discourage vehicles on campsites. We will make exceptions on a case by case basis, but given the additional management burden you will pay a premium fee for this.
If you insist on having your vehicle on your campsite and it will fit within your space, then…
1. You will be charged a fee of $200 by camping staff upon arrival (you cannot pre-purchase this option)
2. Vehicles are defined as anything that has an engine and can drive
3. You cannot move your vehicle for the duration of your stay – if you leave, then your vehicle cannot return

How do I purchase camping?

1. Select ‘Buy Tickets’ 
2. Select  the 'Platinum or Season Passes' options. Camping will be at bottom of page.
3. Select Camp Site Type - Small, Medium or Large 
4. Select additional items eg parking and any additional camping wristbands
5. Proceed through to check out. 
6.     Tickets will be emailed to you from March 2019.

Camping Times

Check in Thursday 2/1/2020 11AM 
Check out Sunday 5/1/2020 5PM
Camping is NOT available at any other time

Camping Access

Collect your wristbands from Ticket Boxes at Gate 7 and then proceed to enter the event from gate 7B, camping check in.

Permitted items

Tent and bedding
Gas BBQ with approved gas bottles
Eskies for food storage
All camping equipment must remain on your campsite
There is a Supermarket on site for all those essentials you have forgotten to bring or need. 

Prohibited items

Camping is bound by the terms and conditions of entry.
In addition, you may not bring …
Pools and Spas
Motorised scooters, eskies, skateboards or any unauthorised vehicles

What if I have further camping questions?

All further Camping Enquiries are to be made to the Summernats Office via the 'Contact Form'
Note: All spectator ticket pricing include a $3.00 booking fee. 
Click here for further ticketing information and frequently asked questions.