About Burnout Masters

Welcome to the official home of the world's toughest and most brutal burnout competition, the Burnout Masters!

If you love the high octane, adrenaline charged sport of burnouts, you're in the right place! The Burnout Masters was started in 2004 as a way of recognising the best performers from Summernats.

Since then it has become the most hotly contested burnout competition on the planet with competitors from Australia and around the world vying for the opportunity to secure their spot in an elite group of motorsport performers known as Burnout Masters.

You can't simply call yourself a Burnout Master. It's a title that must be earned, first by qualifying to compete in the Burnout Masters category at Summernats at some point in the previous year, and then by surviving the cut as 30 qualified drivers are whittled down to just 10 on the final day of Summernats competition.

To see which drivers have already qualified in 2017 or to check out the next Burnout Masters event on the calendar, click the link below.



Burnouts are scored in two categories - Smoke and Driver Skill. Each category comprises half of the total score with the scoresheet breaking down these categories into specific elements of the burnout. The judging sheet (below) also includes points deductions that may be incurred by a driver during the course of their burnout.

NOTE: Burnout Masters and Wildcard Shootout Time Penalties

Competitors will be judged on the basis of a minimum burnout period of 1 minute (60 seconds). An overall deduction of 10 points for each 5 second interval less than 1 minute will apply until a 40 second threshold is reached (maximum 40 point deduction). Any burnout less than 40 seconds will receive a Did Not Finish classification (DNF).