Car Entrants

Summernats is world-famous for showing off the coolest, toughest, angriest and craziest street machines on the planet. Our entrant cars look and sound different to the family hack, the new car fresh from the showroom, and different to what you see at your supermarket car park.

Generally, entrant cars must be obviously modified or customised. That's the basic thing that sets a Summernats entrant apart from what you see on the road. Unique cars with limited modifications are also welcome when they are extremely well-detailed.

Your Entrant ticket includes an Entry Pass to Summernats for you and your vehicle, event stickers, an exclusive Entrant T-Shirt, and a Summernats Entrant event number plate.

Note: Entrant T-shirt sizing and Entrant event number plates are limited. Whilst all attempts are made to honour Entrant T-shirt size and number plate requests, supply is not guaranteed.

Car Entries will not be valid or processed without an entrant ticket. To validate your car entry submitted, payment must be received in full. Price is subject to time of payment. See Entrant Ticket Type and Prices for further details.

Entrants who are not camping, but who are utilising a campsite as a reserved parking space during the event are required to pay the appropriate camping fees. See Entrant Camping for more detail. (available soon)

The earlier you get your application in, the cheaper it is.


Scrutineering is the registration process that occurs when you arrive at Summernats with your Entered Vehicle. It is your first port of call and is where your entrant vehicle will be checked for safety and entry worthiness. Final acceptance of your vehicle into Summernats as an Entrant vehicle will be made at Scrutineering and will be based on the vehicle meeting the essential minimum requirements outlined in the 'Vehicle Entry Guide'.


Entering a car in the Summernats does not mean it has to be judged. It is entirely up to you. Summernats has many competitions in place that highlight excellence in workmanship, driving skill, creativity, outrageous imagination, beauty or just hard work.

City Cruise

Starting at Exhibition Park, vehicles approved to participate in the Summernats City Cruise will travel along Northbourne Avenue and London Circuit and back to Exhibition Park.

You may nominate to be part of the Summernats City Cruise through the online car entry application form. This is a nomination only and you will be contacted if you have been chosen to participate prior to the event in the month of December.


Everything you need to know and other important information for Entrants, including Summernats events and competitions, a full description of judging categories, driving events and layouts, how to compete for Grand Champion, and much more can be found in the Summernats Participation Guide.

Note: Some sections of the participation guide is subject to change and changes will be highlighted closer to the event.