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Time to Pay

The Summernats are pleased to offer a TIME TO PAY option for Nats Club Members only when you buy a Season Pass or a Day Pass online.

This means you can pay off your tickets over time leaving you more cash in your pocket when you get to the Nats to grab some great deals with our traders or just to party.

Pre purchase tickets before the end of August to take advantage of the Pay As You Go option.


How does it work

Your credit card is debited in four equal amounts

Payment 1 at time of purchase

Payment 2, 3 and 4 is automatically debited from your credit card every 28 days after your first payment

You receive your ticket once you have made your final payment


Note: Tickets purchased from the 1st August will be debited from your card in three equal amounts

Payment 1 at time of purchase

Payment 2, 3 is automatically debited from your card every 28 days from your first payment.

The Pay As You Go option is not available for ticket purchases after 31 August.

All payments to be finalised by 1 November.


Do I lose my money if I cancel part way though?

You do forfeit your payments if you default or cancel

Check it out when you join the Nats Club. Time to Pay terms and conditions are fully outlined in the Ticketing Terms and Conditions.




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