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With just three places remaining in the Summernats 30 Burnout Masters competition, this epic field of 22 hard-charging skid supremos are gunning to kick the 'Nats off right and secure their spot in the biggest battle of tyre-frying action on the planet! Read on to see who is in the running we fire up the biggest horsepower party of the year, the Street Machine Summernats!


Like a shot straight out of the heady action of 'Nats long past, we've assembled some of history's greatest burnout competitors to duke it out with the best of the new breed. These are the champions you cheered for as a kid and the list includes some cars and drivers you haven't seen tearing up the pad in years. Rest assured that each one is bringing their A-game as well as some 2017 horsepower and a dedication to the art of total tyre destruction!

Tony De Olivera - TOY302

Leroy Rees - B1GV8

Chris Christou - HO775

Mark Yardy - YUMMY



The baddest collection of burnout competitors from the land of the long white smoke cloud are in Canberra for one reason and one reason alone - to prove that Kiwis have what's required to stick it to the world's best at Summernats. With big engines and heavy right boots, the boys and girls from Enn Zed plan on kicking butt and taking names..bro.

Liz Gracie - EV1L69

Ricky Ireland - ENVEED

Ian Smith - SAMBO

Braden Smith - HAUNT U

Shane Donaldson - LOLIFE


They're the fresh rides looking to make a name for themselves in the Burnout Masters big leagues and they've got everything to prove! Packing more than enough firepower is the easy part, but only time will tell if these heavily armed mechanical newbies have what it takes when the rubber meets the road.

Sam Surace - MADSAM

Craig Craft - SIKEST

Chris Genter - FROMHELL

Craig Whiddett - MUTINY

Peter Grmusa - F DIS


Joining the Wildcard field on the back of some huge individual performances throughout the year, the Heavy Hitters bring experience, bags of horsepower and the skill required to turn the Summernats 30 burnout track atmosphere up to eleven! Make no mistake, every last one of this group have their eye on the prize, looking to forge a path to greatness in the Burnout Masters final round on Sunday.

David Cufone - 1FATRAT

Jono Kelly 3FIVE5

Paul Cook - BLOWNVC

Matt James - UNWANTED

Justine Mott - GEMSKID

Anthony Page - PAGEY

Brett Niddrie - IMMORTAL 

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